Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Pastor's Wife

Today, as I am everyday really, I am a pastor's wife.  The ultimate church volunteer.  The church lady that knows where the vacuum is, where the coffee mugs go, and can lock-up after an event.

It doesn't make me special.  You can do all these things too.  Hint, hint.  Wink, wink.  It's just a description of what I do, and probably many pastor's wives do, every week.

I love this role.  (On most days :-)

Here's what I did this week as a pastor's wife.

1.  Made some yummy banana bread and attended our mother's Bible study.

2.  Traded loads, literally loads, of emails concerning Meals for Moms, scheduling, retreat info, etc.

3.  Took photos of some new (and not so new) staff members for the welcome board.

4.  Hosted a preschool welcome party at the church's preschool.  I'm still tired from it.  Yawn.

5.  I let Eloise pretend to be a bride and walk down the aisle with an empty church.  She asked where her prince was.  I said I didn't know.

6.  I printed and posted the photos of the new (and not so new) staff members for the member board.

7.  I admired and thought about our stained glass window that has Robert E. Lee and George Washington sitting together.  And I wondered a lot about it.  I still do, really.

8.  I was welcomed.  That's a passive thing.  I didn't really do anything but stand there and be confused.  We've been here for 2 years.  Where's she been for 2 years?  At least she was nice and welcomed us to the church.  (That doesn't always happen, you know.)

9.  Finally, I'm planning (I will do this tonight) for Kid's Church tomorrow.  Yippee!

Now go forth, and volunteer at your church today!!


gwen said...

Sounds like all fun and funny things you get to do, but how in the world do you do it with two little ones?!

Molly said...

a few thoughts from your ever pensive sister...
-with lee and washington pictured in glass at the church, could this be your destiny after all those W&L years?
-eloise is already practicing her bridal walk... huh?
-you should always be grateful for being welcomed. make sure you tell that person he or she is doing a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

hahaha you're so cute, Emily ;) #5 is my favorite. I look forward to joining you in that role!


The Smiths in NYC said...

Hilarious!!! Totally there with you. This week we have pre-marriage course, Sunday School notebooks, mommies playgroup, and who knows what will just come up. We need a blog just for the PWs