Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Today

Good Morning, Washington DC.

(Not to self: Always go downtown on Labor Day.  Nobody is there.)

(This small town is still asleep.)

(But you have to wait for the carousel to open.)

(Which is not easy.)

(You get to be alone in the museums. though.  Which is beautiful fun.)

(You can chirp and babble and crawl on the cleanest floor in town.)

(You have 1 to 1 teacher student ratio.  And think really hard about Native Americans.)

(Then you leave while the town awakes.)

(And the sun is high and naps are nigh.)

(Happy Nap Time.  And Happy Labor Day.)


Willa J. said...

These are BEAUTIFUL!!! I especially LOVE the first and last ones. Nice job, Emily!

Dorry said...

Great pics Em! Love that last one of Cordelia in the grass - you have a photographer's eye. :)

Mary said...

Hi Emily! Great to read your blogspot, especially today with those GREAT pics of a Labor Day quiet DC!!! What fun! We are off and running with the new semester here and all is well. Love to all of you!

gwen said...

Glad you were able to have such an awesome Labor Day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and so sweet... Isn't DC the best? Especially when you're enjoying it with family?!

I LOVE the shot of Eloise pining over the carousel, her whole body pressed against the fence. At that age, to wait at all is to wait for eternity ;) This picture so captures that feeling and the magnitude of what she wants to experience!

Love, love, love 'em... especially the last one. Oh, and the idea. Brilliant!! I'll have to remind myself of your wisdom some years on down the road :)