Friday, September 24, 2010

Call us . . .

. . old fashioned . . .

We go to bed before double digits.

I resist taking any medicines and try to let nature take its course.

We cook and eat at home almost always.  And walk around the block after we eat.

We attend church every week.  Obvi.

I had my first baby at 25.  And want more than 2.

And we are now the proud new owners of two matching "easy to use phones marketed to seniors."  So long, iphone.

What can I say, we're just an old couple.  Aren't the matching phone cute/funny/retro/etc?


Willa J. said...

LOVE IT! I seriously thought we were the only ones with those 'old-fashioned' phones! Jake and I had matching ones as well, until about a month ago when his broke. Now he has a "texting" phone, on which he never texts:).

The Smiths in NYC said...

We need to go to bed by 930, seriously who do we think we are!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it. You sound like us. Except we ARE old.