Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Musings

It's been raining all day long.  And I think Fall is really settling in.  At least we have the pumpkins and mum and pumpkin spice candle to make us think it's settling in.  And tomorrow is October 1.

Last night I watched some of the Sister Wives on TLC.  Wow.  Found my new reality show obsession.  Crazy.  More on that later, I'm sure.

And now, I want to mindlessly read all my favorite blogs.

But I can't because I have to re-educate myself on Safeguarding God's Children.  An uncomfortable but very necessary educational program on keeping our children safe in a church environment.  I'm not looking forward to it but am pleased we require it for all youth volunteers at the church.

Happy Fall Colors to you! 


Molly said...

just a few notes so I can stay in touch with your life:
1) are you a youth volunteer?
2) we may have to have weekly discussions on sister wives. christine always wanted to be a 3rd wife; interesting.
3) the elephant looks lovely with a mum

Willa J. said...

The picture is so perfectly warm, Emily. I just love Fall!

HeatherBakes said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one newly hooked on Sister Wives!!!

I bet you have a gorgeous Fall up there- want to send some of that cool weather down to TX?

Alex and Emily said...

The elephant has been wanting a mum all year long. Cute little guy finally got one!

Not a youth volunteer but a Kid's Church leader. Staff and all volunteers who work with babies/children/youth take an abuse prevention program.

I hope TX starts to cool off now that it's October!