Sunday, September 26, 2010

Las Madres

Let's face it, folks, women make the world turn.  You know it's true.  Without us, flowers wouldn't be on the table, the pumpkin pie wouldn't have whipped cream on top, and little bottoms wouldn't have diaper cream on them.  The laundry wouldn't be ironed and bows wouldn't adorn our little girls' precious heads.  It's the fine points in life that we pull together.

It's the nurturing, the care, the hugs, and the thoughtfulness that women feed the world.  It's the listening ear we offer.  The chocolate chip cookies we bake.

Well, at least in an alternate universe, right?  We might strive for this stereotype, I'm guilty of it, but it's just impossible when I consider all that I have going on in my life.  So this weekend, we had a women's retreat to help us ladies recuperate, rejuvenate, and refuel with the spiritual sustenance to be all things to all people all the time.  (Come on, you know it's true.  And impossible ideal that, well, is....impossible.)

I had a wonderfully full Saturday surrounded by these women.  Some who've walked my road before and had lots of wisdom to offer.  Others who are learning right here with me.  And all who struggle with the harsh realities of life -- uncertainty, loneliness, exhaustion, trials.  And all who look to the Lord to help them in this difficult life.

I knew it'd be a great day when I walked out my door and saw this.

So pretty.  I love the sky.

Thank you ladies for walking with me through life.  It was a nourishing day.  

And no, my daughters don't wear bows and there's never whipped cream on my pumpkin pie (pie from Costco :-).


Anonymous said...

hahahah as I read your intro, I thought "wow, I'm none of those things... Maybe Matt is, if one of us is. I guess I'm not that kind of put together wife"

Makes me feel OH so much better that you weren't entirely serious ;) hahaha!

So glad yall had such a great women's retreat. Where'd you go? It's nice to see Mary and Emily in the group photo!

Sending you love! (Oh and if I may... You're a great mom and wife as far as I can tell! :)

Willa J. said...

What a beautiful weekend it was! I am so grateful for the retreat away and also for the time Jake had with Liza. All in all, it was such a blessed day:).

Alex and Emily said...

Haha...good, I got you babyschneider. And just to clarify, I am not those things and don't see how any could possibly be those things. Then why do we set our standard so high? Who created these ideals any way?