Friday, September 17, 2010

It's My Party

... and I'll cry if I want to!

I have been known to shed a tear or two on my birthday.  I know you can relate to that.  I know I'm not the only one who gets sad on the big day.

I've come to expect sadness on my birthday.  It comes with the territory of getting older, moving frequently, being separated from my friends and extended family.  But today is different.  I don't think I will cry today.

I loved going to school on my birthdays because I got attention all day long.  Cupcakes, birthday songs, special birthday hats, decorated lockers, special traditions, lots of attention in the hallways, the whole nine yards.  Fun fun fun!

But man, after college, birthdays just sink low.  They're boring and lonely.  Your co-workers don't even know you or your birthday or your favorite cake flavors and they just don't care.  The worst is when you have to tell your friends that it's your birthday.  Who is with me on this one?  Who likes telling someone, "oh hey, it's my birthday today...want to do something?"  Puke.

Love is scattered around the country.  And I spend hours on the phone celebrating my birthday.  It's terrible.

Or maybe that's just me.  Maybe I'm the only one that throws a big pity party on my birthday.  Whah! Can you hear me crying?  Whah, whah, whah!!  (Hmm...come to think of it...this might explain some of the drama in this house...)

Anyway, sob stories aside, agree with me or not, this year I'm pleased it's my birthday.  I'm happy, energized (not pregnant), getting full night sleeps, and surrounded by family and friends who love me for me.  And I'm feeling strong and healthy and nurtured.

Year 28 was wonderful.  May year 29 be even fuller.

Happy Birthday to me!



Dorry said...

I totally understand the birthday blues! But glad you are in a good place and embracing it this year. I plan to do the same in a few weeks on mine. Love ya Em! Happiest of all birthdays to you today. xoxo

gwen said...

ohhh, makes me sad I'm not there to bake a cake ):
Happy Happy Birthday, Emily!

HeatherBakes said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your sweet family (and the caterpillar with the giant poops- seriously, I'm amazed)!

Neena said...

Happy B-Day Emily!

Your Outlaws

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday Emily! I haven't even met you and I wish you nothing but the best for year 29. I'm in the same boat as you. I turn 29 next month and my husband won't even be in town to celebrate with me. :( This is our last year as 20-somethings so we better live it up! Happy Birthday again.

Tessa said...

29 will be a GREAT year! I know it!! Hope you have a wonderful day and get spoiled by all who are fortunate enough to live by you! Happy Birthday!

Molly said...

Happy happy happy birthday! i hope gracie remembers to wish you a happy birthday. after all, you have kept her from being loved to death by a very precious 3 year old.

Brookie said...

Emily -
I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!! I didn't even enjoy my birthdays in college - mine peaked in high school and seem to have gone down hill every year since. I anticipate a number of birthdays in your future when your two beautiful little girls are surprising you left and right and make you feel like QUEEN ALL DAY!
Until then, good luck trying to stay positive. And Happy Birthday.
- Brooke

My life so far said...

Happy Birthday. I understand about the birthday thing growing up and having a SUMMER birthday where EVERYONE forgets. This past birthday was one of the best ones cause my mom threw me a surprise party. But it is hard to tell someone its my birthday today. Hope you have had a day full of celebration and know I am thinking of you today!