Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Freshman Friend

Lauren came to visit.  As always, it was fab to see her.  As always, I'm so glad we were freshman neighbors in the dorm.

We headed to the country to get ourselves some Fall bounty.

Lauren photographed me and the girls.  Rare time in front of the camera.

Although it wasn't easy

getting everyone on board with the venture,

I'm so glad we did it.

It was a wonderful day

communing with the animals

exploring nature.

Until we meet again, my Davis Dorm friend.


Willa J. said...

Such pretty photos, Emily. You and the girls look so happy and beautiful. I especially love the orchard pictures of Cordelia. Where was this by the way?

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Great of the three of you.Hi Lauren!

ML Welz said...

love the photos of you and your girls!

Brookie said...

I'm so jealous that Lauren got to visit with you and the girls. No Neth? Just Dr. LaRue? Looks like you had a blast. :-D

L.R.E. Larkin said...

Emily, you are one of the most beautiful (and photogenic) women I know. wow...get in front of that camera more often. ALso, your photos are fab...you are so dedicated to developing your skill you are an inspiration to me.

Alex and Emily said...

No Neth. He had to go back to Cali but I'm glad I got his better half for the day!

Thanks L.R.E. Larkin. I'm having a blast with my photography. It truly is like my therapy.

Dorry said...

Great photos! It's wonderful to see your beautiful face on here. :) Just checking in on your blog during a downtime in Spain...I missed it! And I'm excited to see you at the reunion - so soon! xoxo

Lauren said...

Hi Jen! And Brooke! We did have a blast...and I would like to share two fun anecdotes from our adventures. First of all, eloise picked her dress for the day: a blue princess dress (cinderella maybe?). So we're at the farm when a little girl of the same age on a field trip turns, stares at eloise and in a state of slight jealousy/admiration declares, "why do you get to wear your princess dress?" Eloise looked at her with an expression that read "Why not?"

And then on our way home in the car, Eloise declared "God made me!"

Too cute. Emily is doing such an amazing job as a mom and a photographer!

annabelle said...

Oh, it looks like you two had a great visit!! Wonderful photos. And look at Cordelia standing up! Is she walking?