Friday, September 17, 2010

Cordelia, The Other Day

We love this little girl.  She's a total cuddle bug and I love photographing her. 

I sat down to do the weekly Fix It Friday at I Heart Faces but found the challenge too difficult.  It involved making an over-exposed sky turn blue and I just don't have the skills for that.  So this week I'm learning from all the Photoshop pros out there.

Instead I practiced my new "sizing for the web" editing skills on this beautiful little thing.  It should make my blog photos fit the screen better and more vibrant.  Here they are.  My little cuddle bug.

(Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  It's been delightful!)


Anonymous said...

so cute!! :) love them, love you, love your fam!!

gwen said...

That middle picture needs to be in a frame - NOW!