Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Musings

We're fallin' for Fall around here.  No A/C for over a week.  Wide open windows with a cool breeze.  Fall flavors (what's your favorite Fall food?),  Fall clothes, no Fall colors yet, and Fall schedule (regularity is always nice, isn't? :-).

In other news, Cordelia is taking some steps these days.  Still not walking full time but she'll be there soon.  She also enjoys climbing on chairs and tables and sitting right in the middle so proud of herself. 

Eloise has conquered her fear of the bike.  She is riding with great confidence and looks so grown-up doing it.  Aw.  She's done all grow up, y'all.

Alex is in Fall mode at church.  Lots of early morning and night meetings which means we get to see him from about 3pm-6:30-pm which is super nice.  Church last Sunday was the fullest I've seen it.  Sunday school classes were full, youth were running around the halls, and there were approximately 14 or 15 preschoolers in Eloise's class.  It was very encouraging!

As for me and my bad self, my body hurts.  Really it aches and aches because parenting is a full contact sport, people.  And no, I don't mean hitting, tackling, throwing, I mean hugging, carrying, spotting, playing, walking, standing, lots and lots of lifting.  I'm all worn out.  That, and I'm reading photography forums like mad trying to get some photography skillz.

With that, I'm out.  Gotta rest up for tomorrow.  Happy Fall!


Molly said...

fall food--pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin dip, apple cobbler, butternut squash soup, tailgate food, the list goes on. please send your no a/c inducing cool breeze here! we're still in the 90s!

Ginny said...

hmmm...apple cider both hot & cold, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin spice frappe & as Molly says the list goes on. And we are still in the have to use the a/c. But for me this morning my electricity went out...for no reason. Hopefully it will be back on when I get back home.

Brookie said...

My favorite fall foods include french apple pie, candy corn with mini-marshmallows and peanuts, baked pumpkin seeds and basically ANY food eaten with Saturday College Football!!!
We haven't had the air on all summer... but nice sleeping weather temperatures here and our colors are near full blaze! (Its raining today which means there is sleet if not snow over Vail pass...) Here's hoping Autumn isn't short-circuited by winter.
- B

Alex and Emily said...

You guys are making me hungry!

I hear you Brookie, all the football food is delicious when you're rooting for the LONGHORNS!! :-)

I'm looking forward to some butternut squash soup soon. Mega comfort food for me.