Friday, September 3, 2010

Fix-It Friday

It's Fix-It Friday at I Heart Faces.  And this week this cute couple is sharing their photo with us.  Isn't cute?  They've inspired me to change it up a bit behind the camera.

Will you take a picture of us?  I ask someone.

Sure.  They say.

Then we assume the position.  Alex puts his arm around me.  We stand shoulder to shoulder, face forward, and say cheese.  And we get the exact same photo every time.  Boring!  Whether Alex likes it or not, I'm going to try to have a little more fun next time.

Straight Out Of The Camera

My Edit

I used PSE-8.  Opened it in RAW and adjusted the white balance, vibrancy, contrast, etc to make it look like it would if I was standing there on the dirt road with them.

Then I opened it as a JPEG in Full Edit.  I cropped.  I burned the trees a little.  Tried to get some color in the sky but couldn't figure that out.  (Suggestions anyone?)  I left it at that and played with some different actions.  I wanted it to be dreamy and warm.  So I went with Pioneer Woman's Soft and Faded.  I adjusted the opacity to my liking.  Flattened.  Saved.

Aren't they cute?


Sam said...

I love your edit!! If you find out about the sky...let me know I was struggling with it too!! :) Nice job!

ATALW said...

I love your crop!

Karey said...

Looks great! I love your idea about posing for your own pictures like this! My husband wouldn't know what to do with himself :)

Willa J. said...

Very nice, Emily! I really love the warmer tones. As far as the color in the sky, Youtube has some great tutorials on this. Also, CoffeeTeaPhotography has an actions to put sunset colors in the just have to play with it to get a realistic look.:)

Sarah Hanna said...

very nice

Rachel Durik said...

Lovely! You really did get dreamy and warm :)

shirley said...

Yeah, I love PW's Soft and Faded Action. Great edits!