Friday, September 10, 2010

Fix-It Friday

It's Fix-It Friday at I Heart Faces.  I have found recently how important editing photos can be.  And just how much practice it takes.  So, practice I am.

This darling really pops out from her dark surroundings.  I wanted to enhance that even more.  I love me some bright colors.

Straight Out of the Camera

My Edit

Using PSE 8, I opened in RAW.  Adjusted the white balance, clarity, blacks, vibrance (I'm really increasing my vibrance these days), and sharpen until I saw an image that I thought portrayed reality the best.

Then I cropped to a 8 by 10.  Saturated and dodged her eyes with a very low opacity.  I ran Lovely and Ethereal by Pioneer Woman and darkened the left side of the the background.

I flattened.  I saved.  All done.


Sarah said...

great job!

gwen said...

WOW! Awesome Fix! You took the picture of a very cute little girl and made her come alive!

Jessica said...

Lovely edit! Love how you made it stand out!

Willa J. said...

Nice work, Emily. I really like how sharp and bright it is. Isn't photoshop awesome!?