Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A New Addition (I'm Not Pregnant)

We have a new addition to our family.  Her name is Gracie.  She's been our beloved pet for about 6 hours. And while I am not a veterinarian, I'm afraid we might have already loved her to death.

That, or she is already in cocoon mode because this is one big fat caterpillar that is undoubtedly uncomfortable in her skin.  She's ready to fly with her monarch relatives.  But she'll have to convince Eloise to let her go first.

Because for the last 6 hours, she's been Eloise's best friend.  They've talked and played.  Gracie even rode on Eloise's finger as we took our evening stroll in the stroller.

Gracie is (or maybe was....is it possible to over stimulate a caterpillar?) a wonderful pet.

Those are caterpillar droppings.  She eats and poops all the time.  That's one draw back.

But caterpillars are friendly,

and quiet,



and beautiful.  Just what we girls in this house are looking for a pet.


Anonymous said...

that is some BIG poop for a caterpillar!

Molly said...

who came up with the name gracie? is she as graceful as our ever cuddly cat?

Alex and Emily said...

E named her. She ran into the house and asked, "can we keep Gracie?" I asked, "who's that?" She said, "My caterpillar!"

There's a character on Boz named Gracie, so I think that's where it came from.

gwen said...

Really, Really, Really Great Pictures, Emily!