Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunday through Wednesday

Sundays through Wednesdays are always crammed packed and hectic for me.  I kick into get through the day mentality and always need my back cracked at the end of the night.

Then Thursdays come and there's nothing planned.  Nothing obligatory for me and the girls and it's a breath of fresh air.  This is when my inner introvert reveals herself to me.  After 4 days of face time with friends and teachers and people around town, I need a break.  A day of some quiet alone time (alone meaning me and the girls).  It doesn't mean I don't plan outings and play dates and do chores, it just means I don't have to if I don't want to.  And that feels incredibly nice.

I'm super excited about photographing some of you and your little ones this Spring and Summer.  All you local people, I'm serious.  I need guinea pigs.  I need you and your friends.

Alex is watching C-Span 3 and I find it incredibly boring.  Snoozer.  How many C-Spans are there?  He also just went out for a quick trip to Safeway for some Haagen-Dazs (that is a correct spelling) vanilla ice cream.  Oh, that's Heaven.  Oh, how I love my man.  And Oh, how I wish we didn't have such expensive taste.

I keep trying to get Cordelia to wear headbands but she won't.  They are super cute, though.

Eloise loves her sister but Cordelia doesn't like to be squeezed quite so tight.  And neither would I, really.  After being squeezed for a few days, it's nice to be let go.  And breathe.


Molly said...

i love the relation between eloise's squeeze hugs and extrovert/introvert personalities. the squeeze comes with good intentions, but while some see it as a love squeeze others see it as suffocation. glad you at least get thursdays to breathe!

Chris' Brooke said...

Congratulations on making it to Thursday. My inner-introvert can relate.

Dorry said...

I love your writing. It always comes full circle - a true gift! Glad tomorrow is your day to exhale and "relax".

And oh the headbands we used to wear!

Lauren said...

what on earth was alex even watching on cspan tres? and mega props to alex for the ice cream run. introverts and extroverts alike can enjoy the pleasures and joy of ice cream...and a breather day like your thursdays! (funny, i was about to send an email to see if you want a phone date tomorrow...i leave it to your discretion to call if you feel like it!) =) ~ LLLW