Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mother's Helper

I have a mother's helper so I'm hiding downstairs and being productive.

NOT!  No, no productivity here.

But I am having fun.


gwen said...

Aunt Molly told me what a good helper Eloise is!

Alex and Emily said...

Oh no, Eloise wasn't my mother's helper. I had a real one. A Jr. High girl who was playing with the girls upstairs while I cleaned the basemen/edited photos of Eloise. :-)

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS photo, Emily! You've gotta frame this slash enter it in photo contests ;) She's so beautiful and expressive. LOVE IT.

Dorry said...

She's so beautiful!! Just like her mama. I loved being my mom's helper when I was her age and Jenna & Barry were already in school.