Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning Inspiration

It's Monday morning which is the the most peaceful time around my house.  I only have my littlest with me.  It's a time for me to regroup from the weekend.  Do some major laundry.  Look at the week ahead.  And of course, blog.

My sister visited us for 5 days and it was splendid.  We went downtown to the butterfly garden and the carousel.  We enjoyed the animals at the zoo--especially the octopus and Gibbon monkeys.  We enjoyed a of outdoor time in beautiful Spring weather.  My sis went to a bridal shower and then church with us.  She consulted with me on my photo editing.  And we watched a lot of nonsense tv at night.  It was lovely and relaxing and we wish it was Spring Break forever and she could stay here longer.

And then, to top off the weekend, Alex and I had the distinct pleasure of dining with some of the most inspiring and encouraging Christian leaders.  For the past year and a half, we've treasured our time with our interim rector (which means senior pastor) who is also our overseeing bishop who is also the retired bishop of South Carolina and his wonderful wife.  Then, yesterday, the archbishop of the Southern Cone came to preach and teach at our church.  And he and his beautiful joined the clergy of the church for a nice dinner at the rectory.  (Anglicans/Episcopalians have bishops.)

And it was inspiring because this wonderful Chilean couple is leading a so many South Americans to Jesus.  They are planting churches like crazy.  They are leading the mission field.  I shared with them about my time in Bolivia.  I spoke some Spanish.  And asked them a lot of questions.  And yet to be in a such a gathering, it was not pretentious.  It was normal.  And bad jokes were told and people laughed and talked about movies.

I was inspired to continue to reach out to my neighbors.  To continue to be a missionary in my neighborhood and in my church.  A global perspective is so healthy.  I'm just a tiny tool in a giant project.

And to top off all this inspiration which is "beyond inspiring" which is what I told Alex this morning who is keeping a tally of how many times I say "beyond" because it's a little annoying and I agree... is the story of Anthony Robles.  The NCAA national champion for the 125 pound category Anthony Robles.  He is the best wrestler in our nation at that weight today and he was born with 1 leg.

It reminds me of a camp t-shirt I received in high school.  On the front is an image of a river winding through rocks and reeds.  On the back it says The impeded river is the one that sings.

I had no idea what that meant at 14 but I liked it because I loved canoeing at camp.  It's like the lyrics of Amazing Grace.  Twas grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved.  As a teenager I thought about this phrase and didn't get it.

But now as a 29 year old, I'm starting to understand both of those more.  The impeded river is the one that sings.  Twas grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved.

Congratulations to Anthony Robles.  You are an inspiration to me!

What a great way to begin a week.


Chris' Brooke said...

How exciting that you got to spend time with your sister. What precious memories.

gwen said...

Wow, Emily! You've given us lots to ponder and to inspire us! Thank you. (PS Don't let Alex count my exclamation marks!)

Brooke Koroknay said...

A great start to the week indeed!

Anonymous said...

OOO I love those sayings! Good to keep in my back pocket when I need to be encouraged :) Thanks!

So glad you and Molly had so much fun, and that the Bishop (et al) is teaching and encouraging you and Alex so much! We're envious of your exposure and time with them, not gunna lie ;) Matt so appreciates gleaning wisdom from Alex, too! xoxo