Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lots to say

We have a lot going on over here at our house.

This little girl in on the mend.

Neena and Pops are visiting. 

I'm editing a beautiful newborn family photo shoot from yesterday that is beautiful.  Did I say beautiful?  because I meant beautiful!  Here's the sweet new mom rocking her baby to sleep like a natural. More photos to come soon.

And I just awoke from a Sunday afternoon nap.  (Thanks Neena and Pops!)  I think I'm tired from all that's going on.

I hope you're having a peaceful Sunday as well.


Dorry said...

I'm glad Cordelia is on the mend! What a tough cookie. Glad you got to take a nap today, I know that's rare. I'm so glad you're doing what you love and taking photos! I hope you'll post more of them on the blog once you've had the chance to edit them. Enjoy your evening, Em!

ML Welz said...

AAwww poor Cordelia :( How did she slice her head open?!

Molly said...

a 2nd photo shoot so soon! hope you're learning more every time!

Averitts said...

Sweet little thing! Praying that she heals quickly!! Is her hair really as read as it looks in that picture! She looks like a true redhead!