Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Parenting is tiring

Starting at about 9:30am, Eloise starts asking when is Daddy coming home.  

And I say, you know when, you tell me when Dad is coming home.

I'm clearly not enthused by the repetitiveness of the question.  It's about 5 times a day and it's usually asked when she is not happy with something we're doing.  Being the mom with the children all day means I'm more often the bad cop.  I'm the meanie who makes my children eat food, put their shoes on, and take them to ballet class, swim lessons, play dates, park dates.  I know, I know.  Such a meanie.

But the irritation of the day washes away when he walks in the door.  

Eloise goes crazy and Cordelia is quick to follow.

And then I come running after them, slap a kiss on his cheek, give his neck a big snug, and then I sigh because reinforcements have arrived.


Emily said...

I hear you! Jake's arrival home is my (and Liza's) favorite part of the day:). Sweet set of pictures, by the way!

Dorry said...

Those photos are priceless! I love seeing that glimpse into your daily routine. And lucky Alex - he has 3 beautiful ladies waiting for him at home with open arms.

Brooke Koroknay said...

How stinkin' sweet! Those photos almost brought a tear to my eye....almost like a soldier returning home from war. So sweet! :)

Chris' Brooke said...

These pictures are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Aww this post almost made me cry. You are so humorous and yet speak with such honesty and truth! and what sweet photographs of Alex's return home. He must feel like the luckiest guy on earth :)

Laura-Jane said...

It's so true! Daddy always gets the best greeting! I could have been gone all day on errands and when I get home, the kids are like, "Oh, okay, you're back. Can I have..."

GREAT pics!

annabelle said...

So cute!