Friday, March 4, 2011

I Heart Faces

Fix It Friday at I Heart Faces.  Dana Suggs took this great photo.  I love the young man's connection with the camera.  It's not forced.  He looks comfortable.  The colors of the chairs are really cool.  And the lighting is beautiful.

I didn't do much to the photo.  Using PSE-8, I adjusted some lighting, contrast, luminance, white balance in the Camera Raw mode.  Then, I sharpened the photo and used the CoffeeShop "Color Pop" vignette at a 22% opacity.  That's it!

"When you take a great photo, it doesn't need a lot of editing."  I've been repeating this to myself lately.  If I find that I'm spending too much time editing, I'm usually forcing it and it won't look nice and natural.  I toss the photo and try another one.




babyschneider said...

OOO I like it! Though honestly, I think your edit makes his face and the wall behind him look a little bit more orange? I like the redness of the wall in teh background in the original. But I love how you cropped it - it makes him look so much more striking. The composition you gave it gives his presence much more command, and feeling.

This is a neat idea, practicing and being challenged by photographs taken by other people! Nicely done!

Alex and Emily said...

I agree, Babyschneider, his face and brick are too orange. Maybe I'll go back and try to fix that...practice practice practice!

Amy said...

Maybe his skin tone is a little off, but I love how you warmed up the photo without making it too bright. :)

thatgirlblogs said...

you must have fixed whatever they were talking about, I think he looks great!