Friday, August 27, 2010

Sister Sister

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I know the chief reason most of you read my blog.  It's to see these little guys.  And I've deprived you of them for too long.

So for those who want me to stop typing and just post photos of Eloise and Cordelia, this is for you.


Eloise how tall are you?
This is what I got.
Eloise's mug shot.  
It tickled me.


Dorry said...

They are so beautiful Em! I've seen that same look on Eloise's face from my nieces - too funny. I'm having dinner tonight with Lambert, Carrie Crossman and Allison. Wish you could join us. :)

annabelle said...

A mug shot! Too funny. I love that one of Eloise throwing her head back laughing too.

Molly said...

Look at Cordelia's teeth!

Alex and Emily said...

Dorry, I wish I could join you too! Have fun for me!!

babyschneider said...

hahaha tickles me, too! I have a photo my mom sent me recently of me on the merry go round at about 3 or 4 that reminds me of the ones you took of Eloise. Probably on the same merry go round, too - the one at Glen Echo? :)

Eloise is looking more and more like you, to me :) It's so sweet to see her growing up. We miss you guys!

Love the photos and love you.