Thursday, August 26, 2010

Raw(e) Faith

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I have 2 things going on today.

First, it's a PINK theme at Sailor and Company, Raw(e).  And because little Miss Eloise loves all things pink, I would be amiss if I didn't submit a photo.  So, here is a throw-back.  This is from last Spring.  Eloise tinkering with her camera, much like her mama.  It's unedited.  And Raw(e) and PINK.  Check out other submissions.

And Second, in honor of this Eloise- centric post, I will give a quick snap shot of my day. . .  We are at the grocery store.  Eloise says, "I gotta go!!!!" because she had to go, you know.  We get into the stall and she says, "I change my mind.  Don't need to any more."  This sweet lady in the stall next door starts giggling because it was funny.  Clearly she had to go BUT she was clearly not going to go.

So we leave.  Can't make a person go the the bathroom.  So we leave and quickly proceed to the check-out because I'm afraid she won't be able to hold it.

We pass the giggling lady in the line.  She says, "Did you have any luck?"

I said, "No, I've just turned to prayer."  She laughed.

And it struck me, especially since I know my sister-in-law is potty training and I know how stressful it is,  "there is no such thing as an atheists in a foxhole."

There is no such thing as an atheist when potty training.  

You have to pray and hope and pray that they really can hold it until they get home.


babyschneider said...

I like the photo, Emily ;) and I dont know about potty training yet, but thats how I feel about Eden hollering in hunger when I am trying to get away from a quiet, crowded public space to feed her :)

fini said...

I love Eloise's pose a lot! She got style and confidence :)

The Smiths in NYC said...

i know that. i am always worried we may have an accident somewhere fancy.

carlotta said...

Such a sweet photo! I loved this post :)