Sunday, August 15, 2010

Showcasing, part 2

Here are a few of my favorite things, part 2.

(If you missed part 1, click here, it's still relevant.)

1.  Willa J. Photography.  This girl is a talent behind the lens.  She's a beautiful mommy and a fun friend as well.  She's giving away a free photo shoot.  I suggest that you enter to win.  She's available in Northern Virginia, Maryland, DC, and even the Pittsburgh area.  Check out her site.  Enter to win.  And if you don't live in the area, pass it on to your friends that do.  Because this contest is BIG.  Worth 100s of dollars.  Don't miss it.  Click now.

2.  Rwandan Coffee.  Oh, did I already say that?  I did?  Oh, well, I must really love it.  I'm drinking it right now and it's so smooth.  Makes Starbucks taste like I'm sucking on a battery.  Seriously people.

3.  Teeth.  Aren't they great?  They help us eat.

4.  Finally, Summer.  Need I say more?


Willa J. said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Emily!:) And I've got to tell you that last photograph of Eloise is just of my favorites to day. The tones are so warm and and her smile so candid. I would be framing that on!

Willa J. said...

*to date, I meant:).