Monday, August 9, 2010


My child did NOT chalk up our entire deck last night. 

Coloring everything in sight.

While I enjoyed the cool air conditioned house.

And then get a good laugh about it and grab my camera.

And tell her I was proud and to keep on chalking (so that I could get some more peace and quiet in the cool house).

And then think "I'm glad I don't own this house.  I'd be much more anal if I did."

No, NOT me.  

(Oh, yeah, I do NOT plan to make the clean-up fun with the hose.  Not Me!)

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Mommy2Four said...

lol....... hey, it'll rain eventunally, right?

Very cute photos!

Molly said...

let the graffiti begin. I hear Duff Goldman (the ace of cakes) is a fabulous tagger

Anonymous said...

hahahaha amazing :) Eloise looks SO TALL!!