Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'd like to showcase a few of my most favorite things.

1.  Do you see on my sidebar over there to the right of your screen?  Do you see the long list of my blog friends?  Do you see one called "Practicing Patience?'  Click on it.  It will take you to "Living with Healthy Hunger," a fantastic blog by my life long friend Dorry. 

Dorry and I grew up behind each other.  We were alley neighbors.  And any good Texas suburbanite will tell you that alley neighbors are the best neighbors.  Only a selective group of Americans get alleys and alley neighbors, and if you are lucky enough to have them, you will know what I mean.

I have fond memories of playing with Dorry and her sisters from a very early age.  We walked to elementary school together.  Were in the same Indian Princess Troop together.  Graduated every grade together until the 12th.  And now, I'm proud to say she is my bloggy friend too.  She writes about life, health, nutrition, and a positive outlook on life.  Giver her blog a click. (Oh yeah, and she has a giveaway going on right now too.)

2.  Rwandan Coffee, "Land of a Thousand Hills."  Yum!  Not just a fair trade product but one that promotes reconciliation among the Rwandan people.  And an organization that my husband has embraced fully.  In fact, you should have been here yesterday because he brought a big box of coffee home and was selling it out of our house.  You should have been here and you should have bought some!

3.  This little girl's eyes.

And sheer determination.

She will be walking soon, people.  My life has just became 100% more difficult.

4.  And finally, I would like to showcase myself.  I'm an awesome blogger.  And I've almost reached my 500th post.  And just with my 400th post, I will give something extraordinary away.  400 posts brought you all gummys.  Ask KHS, they were really good.  500 posts will bring you something equally as exciting.  So, get ready.


Anonymous said...

hahaha ohhh Emily, I LOVE that photo of Cordelia with her game face on ;) SO CUTE I almost laughed out loud. What personality!! Love it. Way to capture a great little moment and a powerful expression.

Molly said...

When I went to college and would mention people who "lived across the alley from me," people would look with a confused and shocked face--"the alley?"! Then they would visit, I'd pick them up from the airport, drive home, pull into the alley, and I'd get a "where are we going?". "Why would you want an alley?" they'd say. And I'd quickly respond with "would you rather keep your trash in the front or back of your house?" Not only is an alley good for secluding your trash from the outside world, but yes, good for friends, one backyard to another. (especially when alley friends write great blogs like practicing patience, Dorry, I've gotten hooked too!)

Dorry said...

Thank you, Em!! What a fun treat to be featured on your blog - one of my favorite daily reads. Blogging is life-changing and supportive blogger alley friends can't be beat! <3

Dorry said...

p.s. You ARE an awesome blogger. I think you might like this blog, too to relate to the mama-blogger role.

catherine said...

Wow can't believe you are up to 500 now. I need to really figure out how to do this so my in-laws can see pictures of the kids more. Cordelia's pictures are precious.

JLal said...

i want to win this time!
There are alleys in baltimore too!