Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby Paul, Reflections on Photography

If you haven't noticed, my daughter certainly has.  I'm obsessed with my camera.  Ever since I brought her home, I've been reading my manual, testing my techniques, and hunting for online tutorials, advice, and inspiration.  

It's really been a lot of fun.  It's really a fantastic hobby for a stay-at-home mom who has played a certain puzzle one too many times.  The kids play, I grab my camera and play too.  Win-Win.

And, I get some really adorable images.  Like this one.  I must introduce you to this little man.  Mr. Paul.  

He's my friend's little man, and he's very well loved by all who know him.  

His big sis was over playing this morning and as they were trying to leave (really bad timing), I grabbed my camera to get a few shots.  At the same time (like I said, really bad timing), Eloise starts grabbing puzzles away from her friend.  Not sharing.  Tears start flowing.  Hmmm... maybe I am spending a little too much time behind the lens.  But I digress...

So I took some more shots of this guy.

And I think they turned out pretty well.  Isn't he cute?

Which gets me thinking about my photography trek.  I'm loving it.  And I'm convinced that if you want to take great photos, you can.  It's amazing what kind of resources there are online.  

I'll leave you with the #1 easiest way of taking better photos: turn off the flash!

Oh, and one more of Mr. Paul.


Sydney said...

Love him and his eyes! Can't wait to meet him in a few days! Beautiful pics

gwen said...

Your pictures are wonderful,
Emily. So real - like I could pick up Mr Paul and hug him, really hard. He's such a beautiful baby!

Willa J. said...

Gorgeous photos of little Paul! They are so crisp and simple...they really show off his features well! May be this whole hobby will become a business soon too?? :) Hope you guys are doing well!!

Kathleen said...

Precious Paul. Excellent photographs!! Your house gets great light. I can't turn my flash off often b/c it's too dark. I need to read more....or talk to YOU!!!