Tuesday, August 24, 2010


And to say it once again, we are home.  Home safe and sound after a whirl wind tour of Mt. Desert Island in Maine.  Has anyone been there before?  The Obamas have.  They went about a month ago and enjoyed Acadia National Park and the fresh lobster just like us.

Yeah, that's how we roll.

We arrived Thursday.  And were greeted with an outstanding view of fog over the water from our host family's house.  We danced and ate late into the night.  We enjoyed hiking Cadillac Mountain and boating in the chilly ocean.  We napped.  And we ate ourselves silly.

But most importantly, we celebrated the wedding of Ben and Courtney with their many friends and family.  The bride and groom were beautiful.  Each event exquisite.  And, the priest who performed it--so hot!  (-:

It was a dream for us.  Thank you to Ben and Courtney for such a lovely time.  And double thank you to my sweet parents who stayed here with our kiddos.  So many sweet people made this weekend possible. We couldn't ask for more in our lives!

The view from our host house.  Seal Harbor, Maine.


The Fiji.

The wedding.  Bar Harbor, Maine.

Alex preparing.  Getting wine for communion.  (Kinda funny looking, I thought.)

Welcome Courtney to our Washington and Lee crowd!!!

Aren't we an impressive bunch?

Acadia National Park.  View from Cadillac Mountain.



Millie Wamsted said...

So jealous!!

Dorry said...

gorgeous photos, Em! And so glad you and Alex got to have a weekend to enjoy yourselves and celebrate your friends. <3

Anonymous said...

how funny - we were at a wedding in Maine this past weekend, too! :) Though, it wasn't in Bar Harbor and Matt didn't officiate. haha...

Beautiful pictures! So glad yall had such a great time. Love the pic of Alex picking out communion wine... giggle :)

Molly said...

gorgeous pics! definitely some framers

Willa J. said...

So gorgeous, Emily! We used to vacation off the coast of Bar Harbor every summer when I was a child. I loved Cadillac Mountain, blueberry picking, the lobster pound...what an incredible place it is up there. I love your pictures--they bring back wonderful memories:).