Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cordelia Today

Today Cordelia is 9 months!


To celebrate we went for donuts this morning.  Well, okay, Alex, Eloise and I celebrated with donuts.  Cordelia got bananas.

Next stop, 1 year old.  My baby is growing up.  Time to get going on baby #3.

(Ha! Just checking to see if anyone actually reads these words.... :-)


Dorry said...

Em - their expressions are priceless and you are a master with that camera!

Molly said...

are you sure you went out for donuts to celebrate 9 months or was cordelia just the excuse for another trip for donuts? i hope alex didn't overload.

ps--i guess you'll get through ski season before you think about #3... just a guess.

Wiley said...

Planning number three around ski season does seem like a wise idea. Can hike as much as you desire pregnant, but contact sports get frowned upon for some reason. Don't even mention sumo lessons at the OB, they won't get the joke.

Alex said...

Thanks, Dorry! Your compliments mean so much. Molly and Wiley, you guys are making me laugh. I have no doubt, Wiley, that you have in fact asked about sumo at the OB. So funny!

Hawley said...

For the record, I read it. Baby #3?!?! :)

Tessa said...

Totally need a #3!