Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Garden Update

My garden update is a sad one.  You've heard and read of my excitement of growing a garden from seeds. (Click here.) Of eating straight from the plant.  Of having endless fun watering and weeding and harvesting the plants with my daughter.  And it has, for the most part, been a good adventure.

The green beans and peas were successful.  And Eloise and I did eat them straight from the plant.  Ahhh...my rural-living dreams are being fulfilled right here in this big city.  Alex always washes his food first.  He is the son of a doctor and nurse, after all.  He knows better.  And Cordelia, well, she didn't eat anything.

Our sunflowers were pretty!  (Click hereAnd here. So pretty.)  But I made the mistake of planting them too close together.  And then the deer came and ate them all.  And now they are ugly, dead, and depressing.

And finally, our tomatos.  Sweet little plants. (Click here.) Attacked by the city deer.  Sending me into a RAGE.  Well, they have rebounded.  A second round of tomatoes are coming in and they are monsters.  I can't control them.  It's a scene from The Little Shop Horrors.

So here is my garden at present.  I call it...

Garden with 2 Small Children.

Gardening is fun but I just can't keep up with it!

(Weeds, weeds, some nice basil, dead/decapitated sunflowers and MONSTER tomatoes in the back.)

(Monster tomatoes cascading over the wall inviting the deer to come eat them up.  They must be 12 feet or more.  Unbelievable.)

Now, let's move on.  

Let's move on to the most beautiful garden I've seen this summer.  We call it...

Garden with 3 Grown Children.

This is the Lalley's annual vegetable garden that they eat from everyday during the summer.  It's so perfect.  We so enjoyed our time there and wish it was our own.  I hope you too can get a glimpse of the beauty.


catherine said...

I know how you feel. We took out our dead sunflowers and squash plants that died and replanted carrots and pumpkins. We will see how they do this time around but with two little ones it is hard.

Alex said...

Catherine, carrots and pumpkins are great ideas! I think we'll try that too. You've encouraged me!

Lauren said...

emily! i can empathize. i have several containers of veggies and flowers (one of which is a half of a wine barrel, thank you, california...the other a big planter neth built in a moment of uber-manliness) and i have squash, tomatoes, onions and sweat peas planted. but i am distraught because some sort of white fungus thingy is overtaking my whole garden!!! and i feel so powerless. i am sure there is a greater metaphor to it all...perhaps the lack of control that we ignorantly deny, etc, etc...but bottom line, i am just sad. so much work and love unravelling within days...sigh. good luck with the second crop! i am sure it will be tasty =)dex

rose sterling said...

I am sad about your sunflowers. My tomatoes are eaten by rabbits and I am depressed about it because all of my tomato plants died. Now my garden is fenced that rabbits cannot enter or dig to go to my garden.

melanie plush said...

I’m so sad about the sun flowers. My gorgeous rose iceberg has died because of caterpillars and slugs. I don’t know why they love my roses but I am sad about it. I will just try to plant another one.

Isabella Boy said...

Oh. Those tomatoes are definitely monster fruit-bearing tomatoes! LOL. My tomatoes are bearing fruits also but not like yours! LOL. I love it! It only my tomatoes will bear fruits like that. I will definitely make salsa every weekend! Thanks for sharing this post! I enjoyed it very much!