Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How does your garden grow?

My neighbors and I are really great gardeners.  You should come spend some time in our front yards during the warm months.  We are all out there talking about our gardens.  Intending to tend the gardens but we mostly just talk.  Sometimes for better (and most the time for worse).

But we love our neighbors.  They are so interesting and caring and present.  Seriously, none of us seem to work.  Let's see here, 3 work from home, 3 go to work, 2 don't work, 2 are stay at home moms.  So that makes for a lot of togetherness around these parts.

And, we love our garden.  It has provided us with hours of activity.  Everyday we water and weed and admire and pick a pansy.  And now, it is giving back to us.  We've eaten the first fruits of our labors.

Eloise actually picked a green bean from the plant and ate it raw.  Yes she did.  Little Miss Carbo Lover ate something green and asked for more.  Brilliant!  (Another way to get Eloise to eat is to have a picnic.  Yesterday we ate lunch outside.  Today we picnicked inside because of rain.  Something about eating on the floor that frees the girl to eat.  Whatever it takes, right?)

Sunflowers about to bloom.

Tomatoes (Is that how you spell the word?  I'm forever confused.  Thanks to Moxie, though, I will always remember that "a lot" is 2 words, not one.  :-) 

And our prize of the day.

I took a photo of this beautiful green bean.  Then I ate it.  Delicious and satisfying.

And to think this used to be a small seed in our bathroom.  Remember?


catherine said...

I love seeing the picture of your garden. I keep meaning to take a picture of Blair's garden and keep forgetting.

gwen said...

How exciting! Your garden looks soo healthy and yummy! Unlike trying to grow veggies in Texas - especially tomatoes, which I guess aren't technically veggies.

Alex said...

Good call, Mom! Tomatoes are fruit.

Catherine, get that camera out. It's so fun!