Monday, June 7, 2010

Colorado Extreme


gwen said...

Beautiful pictures, Emily!

Molly said...

captions, please. i want to know where to be jealous you got to hike!

ps i'm working ahead to be ready for more strenuous hikes this summer. get ready!

ML Welz said...

oh my goodnes!!! GOR-geous!!!! Where in Colorado is this??

Alex said...

These are all in the Rocky Mountain National Park.
1: The trail to Mills Lake
2. A view from Deer Mountain
3. Moraine Park
4.Halowell Park
5. The trail to Mills Lake
6. Moraine Park again.

Thanks, it was all so beautiful!

Molly said...

I heard Eloise walked, or should I say HIKED, all the way to Moraine Park. Way to go Elo!