Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekend Photos, Update

UPDATED edit.  Thanks for all the suggestions.  I like this new edit best.

As I mentioned before, I now have PSE 8.  (Photoshop Elements 8.)  So cool.  And I'm so confused.  I think I liked Lightroom better, but I got PSE 8 for a variety of practical reasons.

I have lots to learn and practice. And I need your help.  Which Eloise edit do you like better for this image?  #1 or #2?

I basically did the same editing on Cordelia's photos.  Which image do you like better?  #1 or #2?

Seriously folks, I'd love feedback.

Have a happy weekend!


SF Larges said...

Love the perspective on the Eloise ones. In terms of polish and final look, I would vote for Eloise #2. I like the vibrancy. On Eloise #1 I like the look a lot, and it would work more for me if there were not so many patterns and colors in the frame (leaves, hearts, multiple lines, circles). Might be interesting to crop out the towel and the blue toy on the left, and cut a bit off the right side as well so you are left with three patterns-- leaves, bubbles, hearts. For the Cordelia ones, I would be interested to see whatever you did in post applied to the first one (I like the warmth and softness). And it might be interesting to crop off the top quarter and the right quarter of Cordelia #1. Was that what you were looking for?

Alex said...

The SF Larges pull through! Yes, that's what I was looking for!

The Large family is very artistic and they married even more artistically. (Both my brother and sister-in-law on that side are professional artists!) One might be intimidated except for the fact that they are so nice and caring and helpful.

Thanks SF Larges!

ML Welz said...

I like Eloise #1 and Cordelia #2 :) Beautiful photos Emily

Bonnie said...

i like eloise 1 (because of the amazing texture) and cordelia 2.

Millie Wamsted said...

I vote for Eloise #2 and Cordelia #1. Of course, they're all beautiful!

Alex said...

Thanks for the feedback. There are some varying opinions. That actually encourages me b/c there's not a right or wrong, necessarily, sometimes it's opinion.

Other comments welcomed!

Ginny said...

I definitely love Eloise #2 it is much more vibrant and there is not so much going on as in #1.