Sunday, June 27, 2010

Self Timed Portraits

Today I decided to take a family photo using the self timer.  I thought I knew how to do it.

But I didn't and accidentally snapped this shot.

I dismissed my subjects while I found my manual and read up on how to really take a self timed photo.

I reassembled the team and shot this.

Yikes!  Hello, poor proportions!  I'm huge.  Cordelia is crying and Eloise looks weird. Hmm...have to rethink our posing.

Take 3, awful idea.  Alex's knees are getting way too much camera time is as is my profile.  Cordelia is pulling my hair, and Eloise is chasing a bug.  New pose needed.

Getting closer.  Looking better except for the fact that I'm tackling Eloise.  And let's lose that pacifier, what do you say?

Ahh, much better.  I'll take it, except I won't take that 3rd baby in the picture.  She's not mine.  Two is good for now!


Anonymous said...

SO cute! haha I love them. All of them ;) True to life, and you got a great one-to-frame by the end of it. Eloise cracks me up. She looks mischevious in the earlier photos, this sort of "I know something you don't know" smile ;)

Way to go, figuring out - and getting all of you in one cute photo, too! Brava.

gwen said...

I'm very impressed you have such a patient family, including the 3rd baby. It paid off!

Willa J. said...

Great job! haha:) That whole posing thing is pretty tricky, particularly when you can't see the "whole picture" through the viewfinder. Nice family portrait by the end. And may be that third baby is some foreshadowing...;).

Anonymous said...

these are so cute! and of course you want one where you are all looking at the camera and smiling but part of the fun is seeing the candid ones!

Tessa said...

Hilarious!!! Love the final picture!

SF Larges said...

the progression of photos is so great! Well done! It's really impressive that you not only framed the last one so well, but everyone is smiling! Next challenge is to do this with all the Averitts and all the Larges : )

Alex said...

Wow, my knees are huge!