Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fine, thanks.

"How are you doing?" people ask.  "Fine, I think."  I say.  I haven't stopped to think about it for a while.  I haven't stopped at all, really.  When there are children in the house, there is no time to stop and think about how I'm doing.

Thoughts dart through my head.  They are sometimes important, sometimes not, but they are shooting straight across and landing no where.

Just now, I was in Cordelia's room comforting her back to sleep.  She reached up and grabbed the crib bar and pulled herself towards me.  She wanted out.  And, now that she's crawling, I need to lower the mattress. (Yes, my little baby is crawling.  Can't believe it.)

I think, "I need to lower the mattress.  Don't forget that.  I should write that down or I'll forget."  Then I left the room, put some laundry up, came down stairs and picked-up some toys.  Check some email.  Thought, "Oh I need to pay those bills. I'll do that tomorrow.  Write that down...."  And the cycle continues.

And I haven't written either of those things down.

That's my day summed up.  When I have a moment to string some thoughts together, they are interrupted with small whispers.  Like this one today.  "Mom, I hear something.'s a bear in my room.  I'm really really trembling.  We need to go up there and see him...."  So off we go on a bear hunt.  There was no bear.  No bear in the closet.  Nor under the bed.  But, when we looked out the window, there was a, GASP, a monster!   AHHHH!  So we went running really fast.

By this time my mind has forgotten everything I had thought about before.

So how am I doing?  I'm really really busy playing and feeding and chasing and getting *nothing* done.



gwen said...

Bad news, Emily. Once those thoughts start landing no where, there's no recovering. They'll always just land no where. Sorry )-:

SF Larges said...

what fun pics of Eloise! Love them. New edit is great too! Cordelia has such lovely eyes.

beingzaraandzidan said...

what neat pics. I just love what shes wearing. adorable

Anonymous said...

Thank you for just summing up my LIFE. I constantly have the feeling that I'm forgetting something- oh yeah, it's the laundry, bill paying, swiffering, etc. But our kids are happy & that's what matters, right??

Your pics are amazing, btw.

Molly said...

Eloise is getting so tall! She may not have your hair (you could never get that curl at her age), but I think she has your smile! Is it bad that I feel the same as you (always remembering to do things but never doing them), but I don't have any kids of my own?