Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Living a Fairy Tale?

My princess today lived her fairy tale.  To the fullest.

And at first, at my dismay.

I said, "Eloise, I want you to play by yourself while I do some chores please."

"I want to do chores too, Mom!!!"

"But sweetie, you don't.  You want to play.  I promise..." Talking my kid out of chores?  Am I crazy?  NO!  Do you know how long it takes to unload a dishwasher with a preschooler?  Do you know how long it takes to do laundry with a preschooler?  Do you know how long it takes to cook with your kiddos?  Sure it's fun and educational to do all those things but it takes FOREVER.  So, yes, I pleaded with her.

"You don't want to do want to play!!"

No.  She would have nothing of it.

So here is our Cinderella.

Acting her part to the fullest extent.  Doing her chores.

Until she took the camera away from me and took some photos of the "evil  super duper mommy!"

I'm peeling a sweet potato.

And in the end, I was pleased that the job was finally finished.


Dorry said...

Adorable! I love your yellow kitchen. I imagine I'd love your whole house.

HeatherBakes said...

Eloise sounds hilarious!! I love that she wanted to do chores, but I totally get what you're saying about it taking 3x as long when you have "help"- she is too cute.

gwen said...

Precious! I'm glad you gave in - as if you had a choice! She'll thank you when she grows up and knows how to do all those chores; hopefully you'll reap some benefit too - in the form of real help some day!

Hawley said...

so cute!!! love the photos you got in the end. Funny how plans change, eh? :) Maybe her desire will bear more fruit as she gets older? xoxo

annabelle said...

Cute indeed! Hopefully the desire to do chores sticks.