Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When I Really Feel like a PW

A PW is a "pastor's wife" just like a PK is a "pastor's kid" and a P can stand for pastor.  A PW, a P, and 2 PKs.  That is who we are.

But we don't feel that way most of the year...say 310 days out of the year.  It's the other 55 days that we do feel it, though.  And ladies and gents, we feel that way right now.

It's no different than all those accountants working long hours right now.  Or medical residents sleeping at the hospital.  Or the lawyers that put in 90 hours a week.  I know all professions have ups and downs and busy seasons.

Our's just happen to be right now.  I'm hoping you can guess why, if not, you haven't been attending Eloise's ballet class.

Yesterday at ballet, the teacher who we ADORE, combined the Snow White story with the Easter bunny.  Interesting, yes.  Hilarious, yes.  Confusing to a 3 year old, most definitely yes.

That's right, the Easter bunny is coming....Yes, but No.  What I really mean is that Jesus is coming.  He came at Christmas, really, now he's making his way through the Gospel teaching and healing and loving people.  Soon he'll march into the Passion scene, die a gruesome death willingly for us all.  Then triumph over the grave.  Then, we can say "Alleluia" aloud again!  (In our tradition we don't say Alleluia during the Lent season until Easter--symbolic and beautiful.)

And that is why we are a P family right now.  Same thing happens at Christmas.  Alex works especially hard at this time leaving the PW and the PKs to fend for ourselves.  So, I got to get on that.  On that fending part.

Happy Easter season to you all.  I hope it's full of the knowledge of Christ's sacrifice for us all.


Willa J. Photography said...

I hear you, Emily! I remember Holy Week growing up and it always felt like my dad disappeared for a short time:). Easter was glorious, of course, because of the Resurrection...but also because dad reappeared on the scene! I'm sure you sense the absence much more as a wife though. You have a great attitude, nonetheless!

Paul, Lauren, Witt, and Nash said...

Great post. SO true! Thanks. :)