Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

Another Not Me Monday over at MckMama's!  A way to be real about all those things we would rather not tell (but we all do).

So, as you've heard, Eloise was NOT sick this past week.  And it was NOT awful.

And, I did NOT wallow in self pity as we canceled super fun plans with friends.  I did NOT push some of my cancelation decisions to the last minute praying she would miraculously heal and not be contagious just so I could see some friends and get out of the house.  I did NOT think of myself over and above the needs of my very sick daughter.

I did NOT get jealous of my husband as we went to work everyday, went skiing, and church on Sunday because he got to interact with big people while I was barricaded inside the house with little ones.

And, I did NOT take the girls on a walk, bribe Eloise with a cupcake from the store knowing it would not be good for her recovery but also knowing she wouldn't eat it, just so I could get some fresh air. (She only ate the sprinkles off the top, just as I predicted.)  I certainly did NOT rationalize the whole ordeal by thinking the fresh air was good for her.  And, it was NOT a wonderful walk.

But, you know, a woman has got to do what a woman has got to do.  What have you NOT being doing?


I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

LOL- my kids all have croup. And I feel the same way. I am so irritated that DH gets to go to work and i have to pick up perscriptions and administer meds and we had to cancel lots of plans this weekend too.

Joyce said...

I just hopped over from MckMamas...your girls are adorable. I have two daughters as well but they are nearly all grown up. sigh.

Hope your little one is feeling better...have a nice week!

Alex said...

Could it NOT be that your husband is insensitive?

Alex said...

Hey, hey, now. I'm not trying to bash my husband! In fact going skiing was my idea. It was a churchy function that I fully supported. It only stunk when Eloise got sick.

That doesn't mean he's never insensitive...I'll let you know when he's insensitive next! (-: -Emily

Co Captain aka Mommy said...

LOVE IT!! It is funny how many things we have NOT done!!!

SafeHomeHappyMom said...

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