Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

Another Not Me Monday post where we confess all the things we never do.  wink, wink.  If only we were all perfect . . .  So go ahead and confess.  It will make you feel better.  Then read the others at MckMama's.

My infant did not poop on me the other day.  (When does she never not poop on me?)  And I did not go to the store without changing clothes.  My thought process seemed good at the time: the clothes were dark, you could no longer see the poop, I was in a rush, and was showering when I got home.  Didn't seem bad at the time, but writing "I went to the store with poop on my shirt," doesn't sound good, does it?

And as if that wasn't bad enough,  I did not go to church with dirty pants because I was too lazy to change them.  No, change that, I really didn't care that they were dirty.  And I'm still not sure that I care.

Isn't motherhood glamorous?

And in other news, I received a wonderful compliment the other day.  A woman at church said "I'm so glad to hear a pastor's wife say that."  Ahhh!  I'll be imperfect for you any day.


gwen said...

but...but...but your mother cares if you go to church with dirty pants on!

Alex said...

Wasn't that bad, Mom...sheesh. I guess I'm always a daughter.

khs said...

I sat right beside you and I thought you looked lovely! Plus, when you have Cordelia in your lap, who will notice your soiled pants anyway?

Alex said...

Haha, wow, khs, the word soiled sounds awful! I want to take the whole thing back. It was just some pen marks and things like that...not dirty, just not perfect...(-:

Jenn said...

hehe thanks for the chuckles. Life is full of many things to laugh at... =)

Maralee said...

So I was half asleep on the couch this morning, trying to get a few more minutes of sleep and thinking, "I am NOT letting my child eat tortilla chips that I did NOT leave on the coffee table after my late night snack because I am NOT too lazy to get up and make the oatmeal." :) Thanks for being an inspiration.
Your story also reminded me of the time we were at Dollywood with the boys and I was wondering why a chunk of my hair was stiff. . . oh yeah, a baby puked on me at lunch and I forgot to wash it out. Nice.