Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend in Review

My mom knew we must have been busy this weekend because I haven't updated the blog in a couple of days.  That's familial communication at its best, isn't?  My lack of blogging told her something.  And it was true.  We were busy!

It was a fun, busy, social, and very warm weekend, and now I need to recover.

In review,

Eloise loves playing outside in this unbeatable Spring weather,

Cordelia loves her life, at all times, always, no matter what this girl is happy,

we hung out with a P, a PW, and lots of PKs.  We felt understood.  (Translation: A pastor, a pastor's wife, and 4 pastor kids.  Seminary friends and offspring together again.  Refreshing.)

And I met a new friend.  The crock pot.  This beautiful black ceramic friend has been in our attic since we moved here.  And it reemerged this week to help me make a meat sauce for our young adult luncheon after church.  He's even sharing a socket with Mr. Coffe Maker.  Love is in the air.

And now looking ahead to a peacefully productive week ahead.
Good night!

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