Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hard Work

What do you think this neurotic blogger is doing?

Want to know?  Well, this 4th grade science experiment grand prize winner had a question.

While sitting exhausted on the couch a few nights ago, I thought "I'm tired!  How many times do I walk up those stairs a day?"

So I tested.  I have a spunky fun friend I used to work with at Wears Valley Ranch who wore a pedometer to see how far she walked a day.  I might try that one next just to prove to myself how hard I work everyday.  No bon bons for me.  I just finished mopping!

So after recording each time I went up those stairs for 3 days.  I averaged the number.  The answer is 15 times.

15 trips up 15 stairs.  15 x 15 = 225 steps a day.

So if I work so hard, how do I have time to write this post?  Another good question.

a) Cordelia is asleep on me and I don't want to wake her.  True.
b) I don't really have time.  I should be making banana bread for my neighbor.  True.
c) Doesn't really matter.  Since when did work become so idealized?  True.


khs said...

So Cordelia sleeps, but WHAT does Eloise do while you blog, Emily?!? From a mother of two who barely has time to check e-mail, I want to know! I love the escape of reading your updates - they are so fun!

gwen said...

You didn't count coming down the stairs too?!? You should have; that's just as taxing!

Alex said...

khs-Wonderful question. She naps! PTL (Praise the Lord!)!! And I'm glad you like to escape to my blog. I use it as my escape too.

Gwen-You are so right! I work harder than I though. Ahh. Feels good.

Willa J. Photography said...

Emily, I can relate! We live on the third floor of a condo that I'm staying home, I shop during the day and must carry several loads of groceries up. ahhh! May be I'll start counting too;)

Paul, Lauren, Witt, and Nash said...

Hi Emily,

I thought this post was great, as were the previous three I just read. I often laugh and tell Paul that I have one of the longest commutes on the planet, up and down with no final destination!;) And we are also in the habit of tossing dirty laundry and diapers down to the landing, so we often have a mountain to tackle as well.

I had some food thoughts. Do you guys enjoy Indian dishes, because you could make some lovely veg. ones. And Trader Joes sells fantastic simmer sauces that pair well w/ veggies. I love Martha Stewart's Everyday Food mag ($12 a year). I have found some of my most fave dishes in them. is also a great resource. I have been in a big rut for a while and tend to go to the most simple for sanity's sake. I also love all of Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa c.b.'s. I am making her Indonesian Chicken and curried couscous for friends on Sat. It looks amazing! When all else fails... there's always breakfast for dinner..cheesy eggs, chicken apple sausage and fruit anr pretty tasty. Please forgive my marathon post.
Happy Cooking.