Friday, March 5, 2010

Fix It Friday

It's Fix It Friday at I Heart Faces.  Isn't this boy a cutie?  He reminds me of my nephew Charlie.  

I found this image really difficult to edit because I'm not very good at working with shadows.  Also, the mom mentioned she wanted a fix on a blemish, but I'm starting to think fixing blemishes is nms.  (not my style).  Blemishes are who we are!  (And if I fixed every booger, sticker residue, milk mustache, scratch, etc Eloise has on her face at all times, I'd be editing forever!  My kids' faces are always dirty!)

For the most part I want my photography to represent what my eye saw and experienced when I shot the image. So fixing colors and shadows to achieve the beautiful, original shot, then great!  But putting a spaceship in the background, not so much.

I'm style pounding out my "style."  Just my thoughts today.  

And now for this gorgeous little face.




Willa J. Photography said...

Nice work...and I completely agree with your editing style. I feel the same way about changing eye color, etc. Let's keep it real!

Anonymous said...

Great edit. I do agree about keeping it the same for every day photos. I was trying to use this for a Christmas card when I submitted it for Constructive Feedback on I Heart Faces. So I wanted it to look a little better. Thanks for editing Dustyn's picture. :)

gwen said...

Beautiful child! And your edit really makes him seem to just jump out of the photograph, ready for a hug.