Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

Another Not Me Monday over at MckMama's.  Posting all the things we would NEVER do.  Wink. Wink.  

This did NOT occur at my house this week.

Aren't there better snacks than cupcakes?

And eating it in front of TV?  Ouch!  I'm I really posting this?  Because this is quite unflattering.

Unflattering only if it had happened.  But of course, it did NOT.

No, NOT me!


gwen said...

and, of course, a grandmother would NOT think it darling to see her granddaughter polishing off a yummy chocolate cupcake, especially if it were in front of TV!

Willa J. Photography said...

haha. too funny! I'm sure to follow in your footsteps:)

catherine said...

That happened this week at my house except it was chocolate chip cookies and they weren't sitting at a table. Oh well. She is mighty cute.

Jenilee said...

LOL never happens in this house either! :) cute...