Saturday, March 6, 2010


Jim and Pam from the Office had their baby--Cecilia Marie!   I know name blogs were going crazy with anticipation and then analysis after the show.  Nicely done, Jim and Pam, or should I say NBC.  You've got great taste!  My little niece would agree.

And now for poor taste.  Destin and Rachel from the reality show "Millionaire Matchmaker" names their child...

wait for it...

wait for it...

Sin Halo Jude.

When I first heard this, I was sickened.  Puke!  What a heavy, dark, and wrong name to give someone.  

Then I thought about it.  Maybe their not far off.  After all, Martin Luther describes us al "simul iustus et peccator."  We are both sinners and saints (sinners by birth, saints by the grace of God).

Could our gothic friends Destin and Rachel be Lutherans, I thought.

So I googled them to get more information.  I needed to know more before I could make my final judgement.  (Remember, I did win Grand Prize in the elementary school science fair....)  I needed to gather more information.

Here's what the mother, Rachel has to say:
And as for his unusual name, “My parents hate the name Sin Halo,” Rachel admits. “But it’s the yin and the yang — everybody has a little good and bad in them.”

I then consulted the theologian in residence, Alex, about this quote.  So close but not quite...he said.  They're half right.  They know we have sin, but our goodness comes from God alone.

As for my results, well, I still think the name is horrible.  NMS.  Not my style.  But the lesson is not far off.  I guess this little boy won't grow up thinking he's better than everyone else.  He'll always be reminded of his dark nature.  Now I just pray someone shares the good news with him.  That this dark nature has been lightened by the death Christ.

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gwen said...

Awesome Post, Emily! Very thoughtful and thought provoking!
Are Rachel and/or Destin on the staff of Millionaire Matchmaker?
I think The Office must have come across your niece's name somewhere; they couldn't have thought it up on their own!