Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where have all the coworkers gone?

Staying at home with your babies can be a wonderful, but it does not come without its set of challenges.  One challenge being isolation.  Stuck between your four walls with little contact with the outside world.  It can be very lonely.

Being an extrovert and a people person, some of my favorite parts of the work place are my coworkers.  I love the Jims, Pams, Dwights, Angelas (okay, maybe not the Angelas :-), the Michaels, the whole cast of characters out there.  I've had some fabulous coworkers in the past, some fabulous friends.  I know not all are great, but there's usually one that I can befriend.

Being at home with young children, it iss just you and your babes.  No one to troubleshoot with.  No one to help you find the best solution.  No one to crack a joke when the day isn't going so well.  No one to fill in for you when you need to go to the bathroom.  It can be really tough.

So how does a stay at home mom make it?  I think you've got to find coworkers.  Befriend other stay at home moms, join a MOPS group, be overly extroverted and make a fool of yourself at the park meeting new people and invited them to your house for a play date.  Have I done that?  Yes.  Is it uncomfortable?  Yes.  Am I desperate to connect with other moms. Yes.  (-:  Other ideas...tap into women at church, sign up your baby for a silly music class to meet other Moms, befriend the nannies on block, get outside and walk, befriend neighbors that work at home and have them over for tea, go to the public libraries, and like I hinted at before, tap into your inner extrovert and talk and talk and talk to the people you meet in your neighborhood.  And after some time, you will begin to build a work force.  Friends and support that you need to make it through the day.

My Mom is here visiting right now and it's so fun.  I have the best, most loving coworker with me helping with all the heavy lifting, cleaning, playing, and dancing.  I'm so thankful for my parents and Alex's parents.  While they live thousands of miles away from us, they all visit frequently and support us in innumerable ways.  Our parents are incredible.

In fact, all the co-workers in my life are amazing.


Dorry said...

If I lived in your city, I'd come take walks with you and drink tea and help with the babes! I think it's great that you've found some outlets to meet people and other moms. And also great that your mama is there this week! Please tell her hello. :)

babyschneider said...

Awww ;) So cute, Emily! And so true (from the little I know of this whole new world to me)... I tell all the new moms I meet and those I got to know through birthing class, that the biggest deal maker for me is having young mama friends!

One thing you didn't mention, which you may agree with me on or may be more specific to tiny tiny tots, is that it's also awesome to be with people who understand that a cry here or there isn't so bad, and can confidently hold your kid while you go to the restroom or eat a meal... I love my mama friends in a special way :) And it's also nice to nanny with my baby because the little girl's mom and I are friends now! We chat it up and so I get to share in her, and her family's lives - which helps keep me, a total extrovert, much happier :)

I miss you and wish we could mama it up together more often! So glad your parents are able to visit and help out so much.

Can't wait to see you over the holidays! :)

HeatherBakes said...

I love this post! It's so true, too- you kind of have to just set aside any self-consciousness and try to connect with other moms. But I've noticed that so far the other moms seem just as eager for company! The first few months with Jack were really lonely (no idea what I was doing- and everyone else is off at work), but finding other stay-at-home parents has been a lifesaver.

Jen Roberts said...

You are going to love that lense! It's fantastic!

Happy Holidays...


PS. Send me your address, it's Christmas Card time!