Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tis the Season

My Thanksgiving has been rich with good friends.  On Thursday we headed to one of my college roomies' grandparents for a family Thanksgiving that puts most to shame.  This is one very large, good looking, and cohesive family!  Jen's grandparents hosted north of 40 people for a sit down dinner in their lovely home.  2 parents who have 7 children who have 19 grandchildren who have 1 great-grandchild with 2 on the way.   Talk about family!  

It was such a delight to be there.

So delightful that I didn't take 1 photo.  I brought my camera (with my new lens attached.  Christmas came early because my parents were as excited as I was about getting my 50 mm f/1.4 attached to my camera body.  Oooohhh it's so beautiful!) but I didn't snap one shot.  When I didn't have a child in my arms, who were both on great behavior but very clingy being a new place, I had a fork in my hand.  Yum, the food was good.  But I really regret not getting a photo of me and Jen.

I did practice with my new lens.  Eloise colored this techno colored turkey while watching the parade.  She loved the floats!

The children were less than excited about my lens, so I practiced on baby doll by the front door.

Friday, I took off alone and headed across the state line to visit my dearest friend Maury and meet her new little addition Charlie.  I held him in my lap as he peered out across the table at the Dean's little girl Susie.  He just sat with me so content.  I could hold him AND hold a fork at the same time.  Those days are long gone with my newest addition Cordelia.

Isn't he the cutest little thing?  I love how little Charlie and dad Justin are matching.  

This country diner didn't know what do with with all these preppy babies in their midst.

Once I headed home, we headed to the attic and then out the door to put up our Christmas lights.  This morning I'm drinking my coffee from a Christmas mug and before I know it, Alex will be downstairs putting on Christmas music.  

Tis the season and I am ready!


gwen said...

So glad you got to spend time with such wonderful friends! Great way to get ready for the season!

Jen Roberts said...

You are going to love that lense! It's fantastic!

Happy Holidays...


PS. Send me your address, it's Christmas Card time!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! So happy for you with a great new lens and a great time with friends. This may sound funny, but the father looks familiar. I wonder if I know him somehow or if he just looks like someone I know?! Hmm peculiar.

Anyways, can't wait to see you guys for Christmas! :)