Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Documented

In Blair Witch style and with creepy 13 photos, our Halloween documented.

What a night!  I still don't like all the scary aspects of Halloween, see history here.  I just don't think scary is funny.  But hey, maybe that just me....but I doubt it.

It was a wonderful night though.  We threw a pizza party at our house for our neighbors.  We had lots of fun sitting around our wonderful table and visiting.  That part was really fun until politics came up.  Inevitable but never really fun.  So when questions started flying Alex tried to deflect and said, "Emily isn't even registered."  Gasp!  Well that's worse than voting a straight Republican ticket around these parts.  But you know what, our neighbors may not get us, but they like us.  And they really liked my pizza.

From there, we bundled up.  I wore my Rangers hat and carried my Cowboys cup for amusement.  People love to hate the Cowboys.  If I didn't know my neighbors before last night, I know them now.  :-)

We ran from house and house and enjoyed them all.  Wow.  Some of the displays were spectacular.  We even got to watch an episode of the Three Stooges.  

We then returned to our base camps where our friends had set-up to pass out candy.  It was a city campfire of sorts.  We talked.  Eloise tasted her candy and decided she didn't like most of it.  Yes! She was tired and we headed inside where we wound down and passed out.  Leaving the dishes for today.

The reason Halloween is so popular is because it's one holiday we all can celebrate.  No one is excluded from Halloween.  (You could decide not to participate, of course.)  I guess ghosts and goblins and CANDY and costumes are one thing most of us can agree on.  So, Happy Halloween.  And Happy Reformation Day!


Maggie said...

Sounds like a great night! We sadly didn't get any trick-or-treaters in our new 'hood.

I will give you a little tsk-tsk for not registering to vote though. Emily! It's your civic duty! (Yes, your sister-in-law is a big voting nerd.) I would have done the same about talking politics though-- so uncomfortable.

Alex and Emily said...

Oh, Maggie I know. And I know there are more of you out there tsking me right now. It's like the one thing we can all agree on--voting! And I'm not even going to do it on Tuesday.

I promise to register soon. Alex emailed me the link a few weeks ago. I have a hard copy of the form on my desk. It's just that it keeps finding it way to the bottom of the stack.

Dorry said...

I'm with ya, Em. Not a big fan of the scary. I think my dad instilled it in me but I've just never liked scary movies, blood, violence and gore. We still managed to have fun in costumes in NYC though. :)

I want some of your homemade pizza.