Saturday, October 30, 2010

The proof is in the pudding

I said we were headed out for a Halloween parade and an adventure in the Fall foliage, and that is indeed what we did.  Wanna see?

Oh yeah, and stopped by a local winery on the way.

Have a fantastic weekend, y'all!


Willa J. said...

So pretty, Emily! I cracked up at the one of Eloise looking at the wine. Oh, and we love that hike;).

Bonnie said...

hahaha clearly eloise's favourite part was the winery? :)

Brookie said...

How did you capture that shot of Eloise looking at the wine? That's awesome!

Alex and Emily said...

Haha! Little Eloise gives me so many opportunities to get photos like this because she's always goofing off. I wasn't sure about stopping in at the winery. I didn't know if it'd be appropriate for the kiddos or if the wine would be any good. I'm so glad we did, though, because we enjoyed tasting the wines which were delish, and we all shared a great cheese and cracker spread--2 of E and C's favorite foods. Win, win, win. It was a fun outing all around.