Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Maggie is having a baby!

And Tim will be a Daddy.  And I know he'll be a super dad because he is so cute and gentle with our little girls.  Precious, really.  And I can't wait for them to be parents.

Their Baltimore shower was so fun.  Betsy kept it festive with lots of games and door prizes.  I LOVE door prizes.

And not to mention bountiful.  
There were lots of Monkeys, Robots, Puppies, Trucks, and Cars adorning a 101 newborn pajamas.  

This is most favorite photo of the day.  


This is my favorite photo of the beautiful Mommy-To-Be.  

We can't wait for our little nephew to be born.

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gwen said...

Looks like a really cute shower and Maggie looks great! But, what I really want to know is.... did YOU win a door prize?!?