Friday, October 22, 2010

Fix-It Friday

It's Fix-It Friday at I Heart Faces.  I love this little boy running through the orchard.  With his Sunday best on, he's tearing out of the place.  The photo has so much energy and motion.  It's an energy you can feel.  The contrast of his dressy, grown-up clothes outside playing in an orchard has an old, magical feel.


My Edit

I wanted to accentuate Fall's colors, the boy's motion, and the magic energy that the photo already exudes.  I used PSE-8.  Opened in Raw and adjusted a few things, including increasing the vibrancy and warming the temperatures.  Then I ran PW's Boost at about 80%, PW's Soft and Faded and adjusted opacity to my liking.  Cropped to an 8x10 to get rid of some of the foreground grass.  Burned some grass and edges.  Flattened.  Saved.

It's such a neat moment captured.  Check out other Fixes at I Heart Faces.  It's a place where you can learn so many new techniques and great ideas.

Also, if you have particular opinions about scary Halloweens and children, check out my previous post and join the conversation.  I'd love to hear how others navigate Halloween with their families.


Monica said...

I love the colors and the crop of your edit!

Amanda said...

Nice job!! Love the fall colors too!

Billykidd said...

love the burned edges in your edit. beautiful pop of colors too.