Monday, October 25, 2010


Halloween week has begun.  Our little butterfly and pumpkin will be making at least 3 more appearances this week.  So you know what we'll be up to.  I better hurry and get that laundry going.

Little pumpkin walks full time now.  She destroys everything.  Climbs chairs, tables, couches, everything.  And she waves to everyone.  A happy little pumpkin, she is.

A good friend and fellow blogger, Brooke, asked me recently how we live on a single income.  I'm not an expert, we do it but not well enough.  There are tons of great resources out there on how to live on a tight budget.  I am not one of those resources.  But I do have one tip.  Befriend the kitchen because cooking is the best way to save money.  Eating out, especially eating out with a babysitter at home, drains a budget.  We eat at home almost every meal, so I make sure I keep it exciting.  I splurge on gourmet cheeses and wine to keep it exciting for me and Alex.  I make full breakfasts with special cinnamon rolls and bacon to keep it fun.  And I use the heck out of my freezer.  If I'm going to make delicious butternut squash soup, I make a lot and freeze the rest.  Keep it yummy so that the troops don't get tired of it.   Also, check out Tessa's blog for some tips for party throwing on a budget.  She's got some great ideas and recipes.

In other news, the Rangers are in the World Series.  I'm thoroughly enjoying Laura Bush's autobiography.  I'm genuinely upset that the Cowboys keep beating themselves. I'm halfway through my monthly subscription of Texas Monthly.  I have never felt so Texan in my life, but please do not tell Alex.

While I'm all things Texas tonight, I'm really enjoying our beautiful Fall leaves.  And of course election season.  No town in the world gets more worked-up during election season than our town.  It's all rather entertaining.  But that's material for another time when my brain is turning a bit more quickly.

So that's all.  Here ends my scattered post.  :-)


Brookie said...

Thanks for the money-saving tips. That's fun that you actually answered my random facebook question. :-D

By the way, you're very welcome for my praying for you during my race. Through the blog-world, I feel more connected to whats going on in your life and heart than I do some of my real life "closest" friends.

I hope our friendship continues - digital and beyond.

Molly said...

more importantly, what are you dressing up as for halloween?

HeatherBakes said...

Aw, Cordelia & Jack have the same costume!!!

Yeah, living on 1 income is HARD. You're so right about the cooking at home thing. Mucho cheaper.

Tessa said...

Thanks for the blog shout-out! We are pretty much on a single budget income since I've been with mom (my dad and grandmother supplemented at first, but have weaned it down). We definitely miss my lawyer money! The only tip I have is to communicate with your spouse, be open about your financial situation, set a budget, but also set aside some money to play with. Life is hard, enjoy it! I agree whole-heartedly about splurging on little things like good cheese, yummy wine, and ingredients to make breakfast!