Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Let's back up.  Before my Texas marathon weekend of fun, we had two very special visitors staying with us.

Introducing Visitor #1.  She's well loved by all who know her.  Given a tool box and a roll of duck tape, she can recreate the Eifell Tower in under 3 hours.  She will paint your kitchen table while your partying with your high school classmates.  And finally, she can spot Eloise on her bike like she's being doing it for years...

The one, the only, Neena the Great!  

Accompanying Visitor #1 was Visitor #2.  When she's the ying, he's the yang.  He's the floral notes in your cabernet.  He's the man cutting you open on the operating table and fixing your spleen.  But most importantly, he's willing to spot Eloise on her bike even though we all know she doesn't need it . . . 

The fabulous, Dr. Pops!  The crowd goes wild. 

We love having you here, Neena and Pops.

Eloise and Cordelia love it even more.


Willa J. said...

What wonderful grandparents and a beautiful daughter-in-law who appreciates them! I really enjoyed looking at these photographs, Emily. The last one is so nicely processed and cropped too.

gwen said...

Yea for Neena and Pops! Wish our visits coincided with theirs more often - but then it really would be crazy. You forgot to mention how much fun they are!

Alex and Emily said...

This blog is really paying off! Thanks to a tip from my Dad, looks like the bike's back wheel is crooked. Maybe that's why Eloise is so unsure on her bike here but will cruise on the bike in Dallas without problem.

Thanks, Dad!