Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sundays are beautiful.

Because it's Sunday, I think I'll finish posting our cathedral photos that I started posting on Friday.  You can see that cute little photo here incase you missed it.

It's a Sunday, err....nevermind....

I'm able to post this because we have grandparents in town.  That means we doubled our adult hands, hips, and laps in this house so mine are remarkably more free these days.

Enjoy the photos.  And anxiously await some photos from Maggie's baby shower yesterday.  On pins and needles everyone.  She's having a boy and I'm having some blue envy these days.  I love me some girls, but a little blue would do the soul some good.


Willa J. said...

Oh me oh my! These are gorgeous, Emily! You are really doing well with the sun flare. And I had to laugh at that last one:).

Dorry said...

Em - those pictures are incredible! I think it's fun that you and I both love photography so much. I'm a total beginner without a fancy camera but I LOVE IT!